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Companhia de Fiação e Tecidos de Fafe

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Companhia de Fiação e Tecidos de Fafe A company that marked a region Companhia de Fiação e Tecidos de Fafe ( Fafe , Portugal) has its origins back to 1887, evolved from its predecessor, Companhia Industrial de Fafe.   Originally operating in grain milling and also into the [...]

Exposição do Mundo Português, 1940

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Exposição do Mundo Português took place in Lisbon in 1940, from 23 June to 2 December, commemorating 800 years since the country foundation and 300 years since independence from Spain. The exhibition alone was an architectural splendor, expressing the creativity of Cottinelli Telmo it's major architect [...]

ETE – Empresa Têxtil Eléctrica, a pioneer company

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Empresa Têxtil Eléctrica, Lda (ETE for short), was a textile company founded in 1905 in between the municipalities of Vila Nova de Famalicão and Santo Tirso, near the margins of the Ave river.The company was at the time an important textile industry but also innovated by the [...]

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