Pedro Mendonça

Biography and Introduction

Pedro Mendonça

Pedro Mendonça

Pedro Mendonça, born in Lisbon at December 3 of 1972, studied Organic Chemistry, with a passion for photography, architecture and history.

A geographic move from Lisbon to Oporto opened up new and vast theme options with new landscapes that I felt compelled to photograph simply because of the shear beauty that the north of Portugal has to offer.

My written work on Industrial Heritage and History is also published here, along other themes that I find that should be shown and shared or, subjects that are of my particular interest.

For architectural photography works, my preference goes to buildings from Portuguese architects, especially of the period 1920-1960.

Particular interest for portuguese modernism, defined in a peculiar style called “Português Suave”, but also for the more robust and impressive architecture that brutalist style has to offer.

Brutalism, although scarce in Portugal mainly due to the architectural panorama of the country (imposed chiefly by political interference of the state) but also other cultural reasons, can be found in some examples in our country.

Some of my favorite architects are Cottinelli Telmo, Cassiano Branco, Jorge Segurado, and Pardal Monteiro.

My photographs are always dramatic or exaggerated, sometimes hyper-chromatic, trying to keep up with my imagination and a sense of oneiric reality.

Most of my photography is in classical black-and-white film, although not digitally processed at the moment to display it here.

A more vast showcase of some of my works, is available at my instagram account ,  Facebook Business Page, personal page or by email .
You can also just drop me a tweet if you need some information or just want to share your thoughts!

From Nature to Architecture, here are my shared visions, and my articles on portuguese cultural and industrial history.

Enjoy your visit, you are welcome.

Pedro Mendonça