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Pedro Mendonça

SOREFAME , shaping steel and progress

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SOREFAME, shaping steel and progress SOREFAME - Sociedades Reunidas de Fabricações Metálicas, S.A.R.L.  was probably a company that forever marked the industrial history of Portugal, not only by what it produced but, also for the tremendous know-how and manufacture [...]

Sampaio Ferreira & Cª, Textiles, Electricity and a Legacy

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Sampaio Ferreira & Cª, Textiles, Electricity and a Legacy Sampaio Ferreira & Cª, Lda. is another extension of the great work and vision of the industrialist Narciso Ferreira.Introduction to the industrial profile of Narciso Ferreira was already made in [...]

Arrábida – Uniting Margins and Future

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Arrábida bridge is an impressive and one of the most emblematic architectural examples in Oporto, immediately recognized by anyone in Portugal as one of the key profiles of this city.   Six bridges, this is one of them.   The Project    Since early 40's it had become apparent [...]

Siloauto, iconic car parking silo

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Siloauto, iconic car parking silo The Siloauto, (Alberto José Pessoa and João Abel Bessa, architects, 1964) is a circular, multi-stage, car parking building situated in Oporto downtown, and an iconic building. The building is managed and maintained by the municipal government. [...]

Penha Sanctuary Religion and Style

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Penha Sanctuary Religion and Style Combining views, architecture and religion, the Penha Sanctuary (Guimarães, Portugal) is unique. A project of the portuguese architect José Marques da Silva (18 Oct 1869 – 6 Jun 1947), one of the most important architects of modern architecture in [...]

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