Siloauto, iconic car parking silo

The Siloauto, (Alberto José Pessoa and João Abel Bessa, architects, 1964) is a circular, multi-stage, car parking building situated in Oporto downtown, and an iconic building. The building is managed and maintained by the municipal government.

One particular note , especially to the habitants of Oporto, the lateral side of the building, near the entrance, shows a faded advertisement, imperceptible today due to weather exposure and, lack of maintenance.
The old ad belongs to “Confeitaria Cunha” and it’s promoting it’s famous “bolo-rei”, a traditional Christmas cake, present in every home by that holiday.

Despite the efforts made, I can’t seem to find any photograph of the original ad, so whoever has one and, wants to share it, feel free to contact me and I will gladly put it here in this post.